• Ms. Priyanka is a young lady aged 22years. She suffers from bilateral advanced hip arthritis. And needs bilateral total hip replacement.Until the age of 10 years Ms. Priyanka was a child filled with energy and vigour and full of life. As days passed she slightly started having pain in the hip region. She went to several doctors with medication give would subside the pain for some time and she would continue her daily activities...Read More

    Ms. Priyanka
    Ms. Priyanka
  • Mr. GUPTA lived a quiet life in a class B city in the state of UP, running a small grocery shop when he suddenly discovered that his son who was 6 years old had developed some neurological problem and had difficulty using the right side of his body . Mr. Yashwant left no stone unturned to get him treated. He had to sell off his shop as he had taken loan for the treatment. But all his efforts paid off as his son became better and better as days passed...Read More

  • Master Akash is 15 years old and is studying in 9th grade. He is elder of the 2 siblings of Smt. Mahadevi. He is suffering from Dorsolumbar Scoliosis. Earlier this year due to fluid accumulation he had to undergo a brain surgery. And off late he was advised to go for Scoliosis correction .His mother is a single parent and lone bread winner of the family 2 years ago when the younger son was diagnosed with kidney problems and needed lifelong medication and treatment...Read More


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People Tree Orthopaedics
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